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ROYAL ROUTE (EST. 4H) – Group up to 40 persons

The most important tourist route in Kraków, leading from the Old Town’s defensive walls to the Royal Wawel Castle together with the most important monuments. Our guides can show you:

  • The oldest fortifications and the city’s defensive walls together with the famous St. Florian’s Gate and Barbican.
  • The most famous street in Kraków – ul. Floriańska
  • The largest Main Square in Europe and its Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), Town Hall Tower (Wieża Ratuszowa) and the Gothic St. Mary’s Basilica (Kościół Mariacki), where you can find the 15th Century altar of Veit Stoss
  • The oldest university buildings in Kraków: Collegium Maius, Minus, Novum
  • ul. Franciszkańska with the window of John Paul II, from which he spoke
  • The very heart of Kraków – Wawel Hill and its renaissance courtyards, Wawel Cathedral (Royal Tombs, Sigismund Bell) and the Royal Palace



- Guide up to 4 hours – 380 PLN gross (for a group up to 40 people)
- Admission tickets: St. Mary’s Basilica (Bazylika Mariacka) 5 PLN reduced/10 PLN regular for one person; Wawel Cathedral 6 PLN reduced/11 PLN regular for one person

KAZIMIERZ JEWISH DISTRICT  (EST 3.5H) – Group up to 40 people

This route is dedicated to those interested in Jewish culture in Kraków. Enriched with synagogues and restaurants full of Jewish delicacies, and where you can find a different vibe in Kraków! Our guides can show you:

  • The main street of the Jewish old town – ul. Szeroka
  • Many synagogues: Tempel, Kupa, Izaaka, Wysoka, Na Górce, Poppera – including the still active Remuh Synagogue with the old Jewish cemetery
  • Old Jewish market, with its famous round abattoir
  • Oscar Schindler’s Factory, which is now Schindler’s Museum


- Guide up to 4 hours – 380 PLN gross (for a group up to 40 people)
- Admission tickets: Remuh Synagogue with the old Jewish cemetery 5 PLN per person; Schindler’s Factory 15 PLN reduced/20 PLN regular per one person

THE HEART OF KRAKÓW - WAWEL CASTLE (EST 3H) – Group up to 30 people


Let’s focus on the most important place in Kraków: the Wawel Castle. It has been a home to Polish dynasties for hundreds of years. Now it is not only a former home to Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses but also a place to see how they lived and what treasuries they collected. The former Kings and National Heroes lay in the original mausoleum. Our guides can show you:


  • Wawel State Rooms
  • Crown Treasury and Armoury
  • Wawel Cathedral (a place where Polish Kings are buried)


- Guide up to 4 hours – 380 PLN gross (for a group up to 30 people)
- Wawel admission costs for entering with a guide: 153 PLN gross for a group
- Admission tickets: Wawel Cathedral 11PLN per person; Wawel State Rooms, Crown Treasury and Armoury 22 PLN reduced/36 PLN regular per one person 


A COMMUNIST ERA KRAKÓW (EST 4H) – Group up to 40 people

The alternative route for those taking interest in the newer history of Kraków – explore the unusual socialist part of Kraków! Planned as a separate city, with enormous metal Vladimir Lenin Steelworks, it was meant to compete with the Old Town and Main Square and was a pride of the communist authorities! Our guides can show you:

  • Central Square (Plac Centralny): The heart of Nowa Huta with the characteristic socialist structures
  • Avenue of Roses (Aleja Róż) and characteristic, 80’s style “Stylowa” restaurant ;)
  • The socialist administration buildings of the former Lenin Steelworks
  • The Lord’s Ark Church (Kościł Arka) erected thanks to Solidarity movement and John Paul II efforts
  • For the interested: the Cistercian abbey in Mogiła dated to 13th century.


- Guide up to 4 hours – 380 PLN gross (for a group up to 30 persons)

OJCÓW NATIONAL PARK (EST 5H) – Group up to 45 persons

If you feel that it’s time to take a short break from the city, then join us and relax within the greenery of Ojców National Park. Situated close to Kraków, this bio-diverse region surrounded by bedrock is a beautiful national park with many attractions. Our guides can show you:

  • Prądnik Valley: Ojców, Łokietek’s Cave (Grota Łokietka)
  • Ciasne Skałki Gully, Koronna Mountain, Source of Love (Źródełko Miłości)
  • Chapel “On the Water” (Kapliczka Na Wodzie), Hercules’ Club (Maczuga Herkulesa)
  • Pieskowa Skała Castle


- Guide (whole day) 450 PLN gross (for a group up to 45 persons)
- Admission tickets: Łokietek’s Cave 5.50 PLN reduced/7.50 PLN regular per person


A place closely connected with the tragic events of World War II. The Auschwitz Concentration Camp (1940-1945) was one of the four concentration camps (and the largest) established on Polish soil by the Nazi Germans. This was a place of forced labour for many prisoners as well as the largest facility for the immediate extermination of Jews. Here you will visit:

  • Camps: Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II - Birkenau


PRICE: (includes transportation by bus/coach, one guide and audio guide system)
- Group up to 7 – 120 PLN per person
- Group up to 14 – 80 PLN per person
- Group up to 19 – 60 PLN per person
- Group up to 22 – 55 PLN per person
- Group up to 50 – 40 PLN per person
* Tour leader - additional 350 PLN for a group


Beautiful chambers carved in salt, amazing underground lakes, majestic woodwork and unique salt monuments. Nearly 3 kilometres of winding passageways, 800 stairs leading you 135 metres under ground… Let us take you to Wieliczka! An unforgettable experience is guaranteed! During the visit, you will:

  • learn the history and mysteries of the Salt Mine
  • see amazing mining machines and tools
  • hear the legend of St. Kinga, founder of the Salt Mine
  • … and  admire a chapel made entirely of salt in her honour
  • experience a light show within a cavern with a lake of salt


PRICE  (includes transportation by bus/coach, one guide and admission tickets to the Salt Mine)
- Group up to 7 – 140 PLN per person
- Group up to 14 – 100 PLN per person
- Group up to 19 – 85 PLN per person
- Group up to 22 – 80 PLN per person
- Group up to 50 – 75 PLN per person
* Tour leader - additional 350 PLN for a group

Our offer for those who like to take it easy and who do not fancy lengthy walks J Climb into a carriage with our guide, and we will ride you through the Old Town and Kazimierz in one hour! From the carriage you can see:

  • Main Square with St. Mary’s Basilica (Kościół Mariacki)
  • ul. Grodzka and Kanonicza – the Royal Wawel route
  • Wawel Hill
  • Stradom – route from Wawel to Kazimierz
  • Kazimierz District with ul. Szeroka and synagogues
  • Kazimierski Square


- Rental of a horse and carriage up to 1h 380 PLN (up to 6 persons in one carriage)
- Rental of a guide 330 PLN for a group (1 guide for a maximum of 3 carriages)
- Rental of an audio guide system 250 PLN for a group up to 35 persons

KRAKÓW BY BIKE (EST 4H) – Minimum of 10 persons per group (if less, please contact us)

Our offer for the active tourist. Hop on a bike with our guide and experience Kraków! Our guide can show you:

  • The Old Town (Stare Miasto): defensive walls, ul. Floriańska, Main Square (Rynek Główny), ul. Grodzka and Kanonicza, Royal Wawel Castle
  • Kazimierz: ul. Szeroka, Synagogues (Tempel, Stara, Poppera, Remuh, Izaaka), Plac Nowy, Kazimierski Square, Corpus Christi Church (Kościół Bożego Ciała),  Church on the Rock (Kościół na Skałce)
  • Podgórze: Ghetto in Podgórze, Pharmacy under the Eagle (Apteka pod Orłem), Heroes of the Ghetto Square (Plac Bohaterów Getta), Oskar Schindler’s Factory, Ghetto Walls


PRICE: 85 PLN per person
- price includes bike rental and city guide
KRAKÓW BY NIGHT (EST 2H) – Group up to 40 persons

Kraków by night has a completely different vibe. The beautifully illuminated streets and monuments invite you to take a walk at night! If you didn’t have enough time walking around Kraków during the day, this offer is just for you! Our guide can show you:

  • The illuminated Wawel Castle
  • Vistula Boulevards (Bulwary Wiślane) by the Wawel
  • Monastery of the Norbertine Sisters in Kraków in Salwator
  • St. Margaret’s Rotunda and the Church of St. Salvador, two of the most intriguing churches in Kraków
  • Salwator graveyard by night, the place where Stanislaw Lem (author of Solaris) was buried
  • Kościuszko Mound with a panorama of the Old Town



  • Kazimierz by night
  • Beautifully illuminated Bernatka footbridge linking Kazimierz with Podgórze
  • Podgórski Square with its “castle-like” St. Joseph’s Church
  • One of the oldest churches in Kraków: the Church of St. Benedict
  • Krakus Mound with a unique view over the Old Town (flashlights necessary!)


- Guide: 330 PLN for a group
- Admission tickets: Kościuszki Mound 9 PLN reduced/11 PLN regular per person